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    Introducing "Shukran Express"

    Get your delivery faster with our new feature, "Shukran Express".
    Use the filter to view the products that can be delivered faster to your preferred location.

    Enter your delivery area to see products that can be delivered faster.
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    Why should I use FastPay?

    When you enable FastPay, you can checkout directly from the product page itself. It makes your life simpler as you won’t have to go through the usual multi-step checkout process.

    How do I enable FastPay?

    Easy! You can activate FastPay in a few quick steps:

    1. Sign in to your account.

      Create a new account, or sign in to your existing account.

    2. Go to My Account.

      After you sign in, click on the My Account tab on the drop-down menu under your name.

    3. Head to the FastPay section.

      In the My Account page, click on the FastPay tab. Once the FastPay page opens, click on Get Started Now.

    4. Select your preferred payment method.

      Choose from either Credit or Debit Cards or Cash on Delivery, and click on the Set as default button.

    5. Select your shipping address.

      Add a new address, or select an existing one, by clicking on the Set as default button.

    6. That’s it!

      The Pay Now with FastPay button will be activated for you on every product page.